Welcome to MILE School, the bilingual school of Milan

A Bilingual School where Italian tradition combines with innovative international study courses.

Where students experience a unique multicultural environment.

Mother tongue English teachers and Italian teachers transmit their passion for knowledge by sharing their educational values and paying attention to each individual child.

Grade 8 talked about cultures and sexuality

This year the Grade 8 Italian Science program  deals with " the reproductive system" and therefore Science teacher decided to…
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To BE a Botanical

"Plants" is the topic that is dealt this year in the Science program of Grade 6 in MILE School Middle . The…
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In MILE Kids life runs in great harmony with the nature!

In MILE Kids we are aware that the city is not able to maintain a strong bond between the children and…
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The reason why in MILE School we teach Coding since the early years of schooling

Coding is the English word for computer programming. What is meant to program in computer science? It means using a…
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